The Invisible Dot

2 Northdown St
N1 9BG London


Tim Key Masterslut London

Key's back in London. He's spent the past 40 days parading round the country with his award-splattered stageshow. Barking his saucy horseshit at people from "smaller towns". People who - for whatever reason - have decided not to live in the capital. Goons who see it as less important to live somewhere where there is a zoo, a fuck-off great big underground train system and princesses, and more important to live in Shrewsbury or Lincoln or Bristol. Key even had to go to Wales as part of it. Now he's back. He's skidded into The West End, He's plugged his bath into London's luxuriant water supplies. And he's going to bosh out ten more shows for the stragglers, the late-comers, the dipsticks and his fiercely loyal close family. The greedy piece-of-shit already did a run in Soho last Christmas so he'll be tapping up universities to try and scoop up students, too - fill seats that way.

Masterslut... Poetricality. Radox. Very soft porn. Some slightly harder stuff... Final 10 nights.
“This is sublime, busy and evocative work from a man who keeps getting better and better.” ***** - THE LIST

“At times it’s like a wind up; elsewhere it’s so lovely you could bathe in it.” ****- GUARDIAN

“This is one art house form-buster who can really give you a good time.” ****- TIMES

“Once you have seen this show, ordinary stand-up will seem disappointingly bland.” - OBSERVER

“In any other sphere apart from comedy, we’d probably class this way of looking at the world as certifiable. Here it feels like genius” - TELEGRAPH