The Invisible Dot

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Instructions, Guidelines, Tutelage, Suggestions.

Tim Key’s second book, the follow up to 2007’s acclaimed 25 Poems, 3 recipes and 32 other Suggestions (An Inventory), is a stranger, sterner beast. No poems this time. Instead Key takes us through a series of peculiar suggestions, such as Some Designs For T-Shirts through How To Make A Cow Talk and Some Things A Fiddler Might Think. Quite possibly the oddest, funniest book released in the last few years. It is a beautifully designed, lavishly produced, and utterly undefinable thing of staggering originality.

144 Pages.
Designed by Ryan Ras.

Signed by Tim Key.
This book is peppered with majestically off-the-wall invention and provides a showcase for Key's unique sense of humour – a mixture of the bleakness of European cinema and daft, gentle whimsy.

Spike Milligan and Stephen Fry have produced comic gold in book form and Key is following in that tradition. It's original and most of all, funny.

'Key has the soul of a master poet trapped inside the body of a drunken tramp. With every turn of the page a new adventure into the weird and wonderful world of this abstract genius begins.'

'It is daft and surreal and genuinely laughter-inducing.'

There’s a lot of charm to this anthology of strange and delicate delights, even if it’s off-the-wall nature may baffle a lot of readers, but if you’re open to something a little different – well, you can’t get much different than this.

It’s incredibly silly and laugh-out-loud funny. Reading it on the train is a battle of wills against your own face uncontrollably exploding in mirth.

It is very, very funny.