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The Stefan Golaszewski Plays

After acclaimed award winning runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and latterly The Bush Theatre, London, Stefan's Golszewski's first two plays are published and presented together in a handsome little double format 'Z' booklet. The plays read beautifully and are by turns hilarious, charming and disconcerting.

Designed by Julia
"Both pieces contain a cruel twist, or rather a malign stroke of fate, that it would be a crime to give away but which add some exceedingly dark shadows, and both are superb on the subject of sex – frank, even graphic, but full of truth, tenderness and delight" - FIVE STARS - THE TELEGRAPH

"He's both a regular-guy nerd and a nuclear reactor of hyperaesthetic response to the world. He's a slacker and proto-visionary; clever as they come, but you wouldn't necessarily want him on the jury if you were up for trial. He's Peep Show and a highly original form of urban pantheism" - FIVE STARS - THE INDEPENDENT